Thank you for your kind offer to run a fundraiser to help support the Hugginz by Angel Foundation and Angel’s mission to help sick children.

Hugginz supporters are an important part of team Hugginz and without your help we wouldn’t be able to help so many children each year.

Our Hugginz Supporters raise funds in their own communities and donate the proceeds of their independent fundraiser/s to the Hugginz Foundation.

We have a few guidelines for our supporters and we ask that they take the time to familiarize themselves with our guidelines for independent fundraising.

  • We ask that all independent fundraising supporters fill out our online form to provide the details of their fundraiser at least 60 days prior to the launch of their fundraiser, so that we can list the event on our Independent  fundraising page as an approved fundraiser.
  • Our media or fundraising coordinator/s will contact you and provide you with a link to our downloadable package with the approved graphics, images, and Foundation information that can be used to in your promotions and materials while sharing the Hugginz message with your supporters and local media. It is important that any media contacts requesting additional information about the Hugginz Foundation be directed to our media relations coordinator so that an official spokesperson represents the organization to provide consistency in our message.
  • At the end of your fundraiser, your donation should be sent directly to the foundation within seven (7) days, so that the donation amount can be included on our website. This helps to ensure transparency and accountability for all of our supporters and the foundation.
  • When the fundraiser is completed, Hugginz will send out a social media release and create a blog post on the Hugginz Website sharing information about the completed fundraiser and your organization/business contact details if applicable.

hugginzkidOur media relations volunteer will do their best to help you during your fundraiser, however, they are a volunteer with many responsibilities. Respectfully we ask that our independent fundraising supporters ensure they have the volunteers and resources needed to run their fundraisers independently.

We can’t wait to hear your ideas and work together to help Angel help wrap children in warm hugs!


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