Nominate a Hugginz Kid

Hugginz blankets are created with the utmost love. They are sewn with fun printed flannel, cotton and/or fleece. The newborn baby blankets are smaller in size, with children and teens blankets being created larger.

Every Hugginz By Angel blanket has an angel stitched into the bottom corner of the blanket. Each blanket is personally filled with Angel’s love, hugs and prayers before it is mailed off or delivered to the intended child. When ever possible a teddy bear is also sent to the child along with the Hugginz blanket.

Only a parent or guardian may nominate a Hugginz Kid, if you know of a child who would benefit from the love each blanket holds please ask the parent of the child to visit our website.Sadly, we can not process any nomination that isn’t submitted by a parent or legal guardian. A referral form must be filled out by the parent or a guardian.Children must be under the age of 16

Please note that referrals are only accepted via this page and will not be accepted through email nor via facebook or twitter.

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