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Miss Angel has filled Jonah’s #Hugginz blanket with love and hugs. Please hold Jonah in your hearts, thoughts and prayers. Jonah is currently at BC Childrens hospital, after an accident earlier this week. #moderndaymissionary

To Camden in Texas with love from Angel #HugginzByAngel #WrappingSickKidsInAWarmHug #moderndaymissionary #Proud2HaveDownSyndrome

Conlan in Ohio will be getting a ‘Special Spaces’ superhero bedroom makeover in July. Miss Angel sewed Conlan a beautiful #heroes blanket as a part of this surprise gift. We are sure he will love his hero filled #Hugginz blanket and his new bedroom too.

To Kara in Tennessee with love from Angel #HugginzByAngel #WrappingSickKidsInAWarmHug #moderndaymissionary #Proud2HaveDownSyndrome

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  • I thank God for letting me know people with beautiful hearts like you. What you do for our kids is a blessing and teaches us a lesson of the true meaning of life. –Lucia D Rios